Jennifer Newbury

Redchip’s Marketing Manager, Jennifer Newbury, believes she has the best job in the office. She states there is no better ‘product’ to sell than the expertise, experience and personalities of the Redchip team.

Working collaboratively across the firm, Jen communicates Redchip’s service and advisory offer to clients and potential clients in plain speak.



“It is my job to ensure clients are able to connect with the right team members and services they need to achieve their outcomes. I do this by ensuring our offerings are compelling, clear, consistent and easily accessible.”

Jen is constantly developing and evolving systems and processes to facilitate content sharing with the firm’s valuable referral channels, and enhancing opportunities to connect directly with those that can benefit from Redchip’s services.

It might surprise people to know that, despite being the go-to techie in the office, Jen actually considers herself a bit of a technophobe.

“I find life much simpler and peaceful when you’re not consumed with technology. That’s possibly quite ironic to say when you’re in a role like mine, but after hours spent focussed on digital innovation and applications there is nothing better than going back to basics with a board game or a good book – and not taking a selfie while you’re doing it!”

Why Jennifer

Jen gets her daily charge from connecting Redchip’s team directly with the people who can most benefit from their expertise.


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Jennifer Newbury