Trent Akhurst

Trent Akhurst has a reputation for facilitating transactions with a focus on “getting the deal done”. He understands the importance of timing and ensuring all stakeholders achieve their desired outcomes.

With extensive experience in commercial property and development law across a wide range of asset classes including office buildings, retail centers and industrial facilities, Trent understands how to ask the right questions to deliver the best outcomes for his clients.


“Maintaining a commercial approach allows me to assess, advise, negotiate and close deals, regardless of the personalities involved. Keeping transactions moving to a point where all stakeholders obtain what they want means I have done my job.”

Trent’s expertise is in assisting developers and landlords on all aspects of the development process from site acquisition and construction, through to the leasing and disposal of the end product. Trent’s primary concern through all of this is to ensure his clients achieve the outcomes they are seeking. And Trent isn’t fussed about size or scale – he gets just as excited about building long-term relationships and key milestones as he does negotiating one-off large transactions.

His role sees Trent manage competing and often disparate stakeholder interests – but it is precisely this challenge that gets him out of bed every morning.

A vital member of the Redchip team, Trent is a fantastic lawyer but a lousy musician. “I used to play the clarinet, but I was so bad I was kicked out of the jazz band. Unlike I do at work, I accepted defeat and quit.”

Why Trent

I keep the deal on track and progress it to the client’s end goal without fear or favour.


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