Business structuring

Keeping businesses on track is all about shape and structure.

Your business structure needs to suit you, your business and your future plans, whilst protecting you from whatever life throws at you. The Redchip Structures and Planning team devises the most effective structure for your requirements.

As a business owner you have a number of decisions to make in relation to the management of your business – who may be an additional or future owner, which risks your business takes on and which you become personally liable for, and understanding the taxation consequences of all your business decisions. Before making these decisions, it is essential to put in place mechanisms to protect your assets from as much risk and exposure as possible.

This is where the advice of Redchip’s Structures and Planning team is invaluable to clients. We have extensive experience in providing commercially-focussed advice to a variety of businesses across a range of industries.

To understand the best outcomes for you and your business, we strive to holistically understand your circumstances, both with regard to your business and your personal situation. We work in conjunction with you, your accountant and your financial adviser to safeguard your business by structuring it to maximise tax efficiency while minimising risk. Once we understand your business and goals, we can deliver a strategic plan to achieve the outcomes that you want.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and Redchip’s Structures and Planning team will find the right fit for you, and your business.

Meet The Experts


Gavin Barnes


Redchip was established by Gavin Barnes in the mid-1990s based on an instinct that business owners and entrepreneurs would respond positively to...

Meet Gavin

Ian Tindale


A true industry veteran, Ian Tindale has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer in many different sectors – from litigation, to property,...

Meet Ian

Peter McLaughlin


As a leader in Redchip’s Commercial and Corporate practice, whilst also heading up the Franchising, Licensing and Retail team, Peter enjoys...

Meet Peter

Robert Lalor


Whilst heading up our Property team, Robert also works in the Commercial space, with a particular aptitude for private treaty mergers and...

Meet Robert

Tim Gerbanas

Associate Director

Tim Gerbanas finds the diversity and range of work make every day in Redchip’s Corporate and Commercial team different and challenging.

Meet Tim

Emily O’Brien

Associate Director

Emily O’Brien’s work with the commercial team involves restructuring existing affairs to deliver asset protection or taxation advantages,...

Meet Emily

Zachary Pagliano


Running counter to the stereotypical commercial lawyer, Zachary Pagliano ranks the collective successes of his clients above individual cases.

Meet Zachary

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