Intellectual property & trademark protection

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery – but not when it comes to your business.

You invest your heart, soul, and hard-earned dollars into the intellectual property your business relies on. The last thing you want to do is leave your ideas, concepts and brands exposed.

Intellectual Property

To us it’s a no-brainer. We are here to help protect your competitive advantage, revenue and your intellectual originality. Our clients either have existing intellectual property assets that are being commercialised or are in the throes of creation with bright opportunities on the horizon.

Patents, trade marks, copyright, plant breeder’s rights, designs, trade secrets, domain names: the list of intellectual property protection mechanisms for your business is seemingly endless. Understanding these forms of protection is just the beginning of the road to getting the most from your intellectual property assets. We formulate a strategy with you to effectively protect and commercialise them in the years to come.

Our team has extensive experience in protecting intellectual property assets across a range of industries both in Australia and overseas, with services including:

  • Audits – investigating, identifying and cataloguing your IP so you accurately understand what you own and your exposure to risk
  • Protection – devising the right strategy to safeguard your IP
  • Commercialisation – formulating the rules of engagement to minimise your external risks and to maximise the longevity of your return
  • Registration – making sure you own your IP
  • Infringement – enforcing your rights against others and protecting you from those whose rights you have transgressed


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Tim Gerbanas

Associate Director

Tim Gerbanas finds the diversity and range of work make every day in Redchip’s Corporate and Commercial team different and challenging.

Meet Tim

Zachary Pagliano


Running counter to the stereotypical commercial lawyer, Zachary Pagliano ranks the collective successes of his clients above individual cases.

Meet Zachary
Thomas 300 x 300

Thomas Bevitt


The daily challenges and strategic opportunities served up by his commercial law clients are the drivers behind Thomas Bevitt’s career.

Meet Thomas

Gavin Barnes


Redchip was established by Gavin Barnes in the mid-1990s based on an instinct that business owners and entrepreneurs would respond positively to...

Meet Gavin

Peter McLaughlin


As a leader in Redchip’s Commercial and Corporate practice, whilst also heading up the Franchising, Licensing and Retail team, Peter enjoys...

Meet Peter

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