Asset protection

Protect your valuable assets from attack.

In business and in life, you want to quarantine the assets you’ve worked hard to acquire from loss. While it is impossible to completely protect your assets from all attack, there are strategies for managing and mitigating the risk.

Whether you are self-employed, have a high net worth or want to protect the people in your life, we understand the importance of protecting your personal and business assets from whatever life throws at you.

Redchip works closely with you, your accountants and other advisers to understand both your personal and financial situations including where the risks lie for you. This means we will structure an asset protection strategy to best fit your needs.

As well as working with individuals, we provide asset protection strategies for businesses that are exposed to a vast array of risk every day. From borrowing money to employing staff, some risks are necessary to incur. Our aim is quarantine these risks from the appreciating assets owned by the business such as real estate, intellectual property, branding and goodwill.

Our approach to structuring an asset protection strategy involves:

  • Understanding what it is you wish to protect
  • Identifying assets that are at risk, or have the potential to be at risk
  • Advising how best to adapt your current circumstances to ensure your assets are protected whilst also advising you on
  • The consequences involved in implementing the strategy
  • Implementing the strategy

We bring our wealth of experience from clients across a broad spectrum of personal situations and businesses to the table, to enable us to provide you with a plan that protects your assets from almost anything life throws at you.

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Ian Tindale


A true industry veteran, Ian Tindale has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer in many different sectors – from litigation, to property,...

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Emily O’Brien

Associate Director

Emily O’Brien’s work with the commercial team involves restructuring existing affairs to deliver asset protection or taxation advantages,...

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Trung Vu


Translating complex tax law into language and contexts that are easy for clients to grasp is a skill that Trung Vu relishes, and one that sets him...

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Thomas 300 x 300

Thomas Bevitt


The daily challenges and strategic opportunities served up by his commercial law clients are the drivers behind Thomas Bevitt’s career.

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