What has taken years to build can be torn down in moments.

Protecting what is most important to you is more than just about bricks and mortar. We understand the risks inherent in building your life and business, and what it takes to protect what matters most from infringement, dispute and unforeseen issues. Outcomes matter most when it comes to defending your business and intellectual property, protecting your assets and taking care of the people in your life.

Your business:
Protecting your business interests sees Redchip cut across several facets of your operations. Whilst our pedigree lies in intellectual property and trade marks, we have a deep understanding of other potential pressure points and work to bring clarity and confidence in the event of commercial disputes, litigation and insolvency.

Your assets:
Our asset protection strategies take into account the blood, sweat and tears you pour into building something from scratch. We build estate plans, superannuation strategies and undertake trade mark due diligence and registration to defend your assets. In the event that further action is required, our Conflict Resolution team comes to the party to work through debt recovery and litigation.

The people in your life:
A wealth of assets means nothing without the people – family, staff and colleagues – who form our community. We work with our clients to develop a sophisticated understanding of their goals for the people around them and the areas of vulnerability they face. Our Estate Planning and Employment Law teams take this into account in building strategies and delivering services to protect the people in your life.

Intellectual property

Imitation may be the highest form of flattery – but not when it comes to your business. You invest your heart, soul, and hard-earned dollars into the intellectual...

Conflict resolution

Litigation is costly, complex and takes you away from what you do best: growing your business. Conflicts are a part of doing business, but they are distracting and a...


We’ve got your back when the chips are down. Despite the very best efforts, sometimes the difficult decision has to be made that a business is facing insolvency....

Employment & industrial relations

A perennial debate for business owners is how best to balance the needs of their valuable employees with operational demands. Being an employer is a double-edged...

Business structuring & restructuring

As a business owner you have a number of decisions to make in relation to the management of your business - who may be an additional or future owner, which risks your...

Business succession

For your business to survive inevitable change, you need to have a plan. We understand the weight on the minds of many business owners in relation to the future of...

Asset protection

Protect your valuable assets from attack. In business and in life, you want to quarantine the assets you’ve worked hard to acquire from loss. While it is impossible...

Estate planning & administration

Estate Planning is vital for any adult with a pulse. The Redchip Structures and Planning team works in close collaboration with clients and their advisers to ensure...

Superannuation strategies

Removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt from superannuation planning. In the face of the efforts of regulators to spread fear about superannuation, the Redchip...

Building & construction litigation

During the course of any construction project, disputes are bound to emerge over variations to scope, defects, delays and payments. The Redchip property team takes a...

Adviser resources

As a valued member of the Redchip network, we are pleased to offer you access to the below Business Succession Planning, Estate Planning and Superannuation...

Trade marks

The investment involved in building your brand's profile and increasing market share is at risk if your business's key identifiers are exposed to imitation or...

Meet The Experts


Gavin Barnes


Redchip was established by Gavin Barnes in the mid-1990s based on an instinct that business owners and entrepreneurs would respond positively to...


Ian Tindale


A true industry veteran, Ian Tindale has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer in many different sectors – from litigation, to property,...


Peter McLaughlin


As a leader in Redchip’s Commercial and Corporate practice, whilst also heading up the Franchising, Licensing and Retail team, Peter enjoys...


Robert Lalor


Whilst heading up our Property team, Robert also works in the Commercial space, with a particular aptitude for private treaty mergers and...


Trent Akhurst

Associate Director

Trent Akhurst is a dealmaker. His end goal is to keep a transaction progressing to a point where all stakeholders achieve their desired...


Emily O’Brien


Emily O’Brien’s work with the commercial team involves restructuring existing affairs to deliver asset protection or taxation advantages,...


Tim Gerbanas

Associate Director

Tim Gerbanas finds the diversity and range of work make every day in Redchip’s Corporate and Commercial team different and challenging.


Brian Richards

Specialist Tax Consultant

Unlike most sane people, Brian Richards loves tax, and anyone who has attended a Redchip Tax Event will understand what we mean.


Stephen Harvey


Stephen is the man with the answers for clients seeking technical information regarding business and investment structures and restructures.


Private: Albert Terry

Trade Mark Attorney

It is the positivity and energy of trade mark clients, and the diversity of industries in which they operate, that has motivated Albert Terry for...


Manja Lalovic


Manja Lalovic cuts through to solutions that resolve potentially lengthy, emotionally exhausting and costly trials for her clients, often without...


Zachary Pagliano


Running counter to the stereotypical commercial lawyer, Zachary Pagliano ranks the collective successes of his clients above individual cases.


Amy Holland


With expertise in leasing, conveyancing and Estate Planning, Amy’s approach is to simplify legal processes to assist clients with what are often...


David Chung


Complex property and commercial transactions and projects are the daily bread-and-butter for David Chung. He marks success by the clients who,...


Nick Wlodarczyk

Conveyancing Manager

As Redchip’s Conveyancing Manager, Nick Wlodarczyk’s focus is on minimising the stress of the residential and off-the-plan conveyancing...


Emylee McIntyre

Conveyancing Paralegal

Emylee McIntyre helps Redchip clients enjoy a smooth process when it comes to purchasing or selling their properties by expertly dealing with the...


Jennifer Newbury

Marketing Manager

Redchip’s Marketing Manager, Jennifer Newbury, believes she has the best job in the office. She states there is no better ‘product’ to sell...


The Support Crew

We know our business would grind to a halt without the support crew holding it all together.

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