Estate planning

Estate Planning is vital for any adult with a pulse.

The Redchip Structures and Planning team works in close collaboration with clients and their advisers to ensure that you protect your hard-earned assets and your intended beneficiaries.

We listen to what you want to achieve and deliver simplicity out of apparent complexity. We work with you and your advisers to establish a full picture of your goals, the assets and investments you wish to protect, and how you wish to protect them. We then apply our acumen as commercial lawyers to provide you with a strategy that achieves your desired outcomes.

Estate Planning is more than just a Will. Planning for your future and the future of your family can take a number of forms:

  • Will preparation
  • Establishment of Testamentary Trusts
  • Undertaking Trust Deed reviews and amendments
  • Undertaking SMSF Deed reviews and upgrades
  • Preparation of Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Death Benefit Nominations
  • Devising Asset Protection strategies
  • Consideration of the entitlement of beneficiaries
  • Tax advice

Through effective planning and advice, Redchip assists you to maximise the value of your estate, minimise tax liability and ensure the highest degree of asset protection, for you and your beneficiaries.

Estate Administration

The path for Executors of deceased estates can potentially be difficult to navigate, requiring professional guidance along the way. Redchip’s Structures and Planning team supports Executors in understanding and discharging their responsibilities in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and with minimum stress.

Many people who are named as Executor have little idea about how to administer an Estate or what their obligations entail. The Redchip team provides Executors with direction and assistance in managing the Estate Administration process including:

  • Obtaining Probate or letter of administration (as required)
  • Sales of Estate property and investments
  • Establishment of Testamentary Trusts
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Advice to Executors regarding their legal obligations, including to beneficiaries
  • Tax advice and compliance with taxation obligations
  • Practical advice when dealing with difficult beneficiaries
  • Protection of interests and rights in relation to deceased estate and Wills, including making a claim against an estate for inadequate provisions

Our team doesn’t just provide advice to Executors. We also work with the Executor’s chosen advisers, including their financial adviser, accountant and broker, to ensure the Will-maker’s intentions are met with the least amount of fuss.

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A true industry veteran, Ian Tindale has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer in many different sectors – from litigation, to property,...

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Associate Director

Emily O’Brien’s work with the commercial team involves restructuring existing affairs to deliver asset protection or taxation advantages,...

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Translating complex tax law into language and contexts that are easy for clients to grasp is a skill that Trung Vu relishes, and one that sets him...

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Thomas Bevitt


The daily challenges and strategic opportunities served up by his commercial law clients are the drivers behind Thomas Bevitt’s career.

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