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Retaining key employees and growing profits

How many business owners do you know who want to develop plans to retain key staff, grow profits, engage key staff in a discussion about enterprise value and develop succession plans?

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Tax and super implications of sham contracting

It can be a fine line between what constitutes an employee and an individual contractor. We have seen a shift away from ‘traditional’ employment over recent years, with flexible working arrangements and freelancing becoming increasingly common. Accompanying this trend is the risk of businesses engaging workers as contractors when they should actually be treated as employees.

Director’s personal liability – indemnity for unfair preferences to the ATO

In the lead-up to its demise, it is common for companies to negotiate “payment arrangements” with the ATO for outstanding tax liabilities. These arrangements provide directors with valuable breathing space in terms of cash-flow, however they can also come back to bite directors in terms of personal liability when the company becomes insolvent.

Eliminate workplace bullying – new anti-bullying laws

On 28 June 2013 a significant change to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) came into effect which will knuckle down on bullying in the workplace.