Three bouquet
Why three weddings and no funerals is good news

Redchip’s annual EOFY function last week gave me a moment to reflect on the year we’ve had and the commercial landscape for the coming 12 months. In personal news, I was stoked to remind our team we’d had 3 weddings, one baby and no funerals at the firm in FY2015 – good news!

Replacement Of Humans By Machines
We’re not afraid of the big bad robot

As we face an increasingly digital world – and come to understand that it’s not going away – there’s a mixture of emotions and questions: Does this new technology threaten my livelihood? Do I need to change my business model to compete/keep up with these developments? What is the opportunity to use this technology to my clients’ and my business’ benefit?

Redbubble in trouble – breach of Hells Angels IP

The infamous Hells Angels motorcycle club has followed a more conventional form of protecting itself than one may have expected – filing a claim against online art marketplace Redbubble ( for infringing its registered trade mark/s .

New POA Forms 6 and 8 effective 1 October 2015

New Property Occupations Act (“POA”) Form 6 (Appointment and reappointment of a property agent, resident letting agent or property auctioneer) and Form 8 (Disclosure to prospective buyer) are effective as of Thursday 1 October 2015.

Are you having a conversation with your clients about trade mark protection?

Whether your client is creating a new business venture, growing their current enterprise or looking to protect the empire they have built, trade marking is a vital consideration.

Bricklaying brick wall
Case Study: Development Opportunities as a Non-Resident

When considering international opportunities, there are a range of commercial and tax implications that must be considered. We have outlined these implications in the following practical case study, particularly focussing on CGT and CGT Discounts.

Business travel
Uncertainties About Residency: Drawing the Shord Straw?

When determining the residency status of an individual in Australia, the decisions of the Commissioner are not always based upon precedence. These cases regularly turn on both fact and degree to determine residency status. The case of Shord v Commissioner of Taxation, is a definitive example of how insufficient evidence can be the determining factor of an individuals residency status.

Three tips for trusts

Trusts are powerful structuring platforms for trading or passive asset holding, but they do bring with them a range of additional considerations when dealing with the SBCGTC. We have highlighted the following three considerations which will help to alleviate the likelihood of errors in your client’s SBCGTC claims.

Non-fixed trusts

Most advisers are aware of the benefits of making a Family Trust Election (FTE) for carrying forward revenue losses, however less commonly considered are the advantages of making an FTE for franking credit trading measures.

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A hint for anyone with companies or trusts

A key piece of information you can pass onto those clients whose wealth is tied up in structures – most likely a large proportion of your client base – is that having a Will simply doesn’t cut it for transferring their wealth when they pass away.