About Us

Clients come to us for outcomes, not conventional legal thinking.

Redchip is modelled on the very attributes that mark the firm’s clients – ambition, drive, commercial thinking. It’s what has seen Redchip establish itself as a unique provider of commercial advice and services to business owners and CEO’s.

In the mid-90s, Gavin Barnes took the leap from a mid-sized CBD firm to create Redchip, based on a gut instinct that he could build a successful firm fashioned after the go-getter, driven attitude that marked the entrepreneurs and business owners with whom he had worked in the past.

“I was inspired by the way they went about their business, the way they challenged conventional approaches in order to make a difference.

“This motivated me to position Redchip in a commercial, rather than purely legal context. And this has been instilled into the team over the years.” Gavin Barnes

From humble beginnings – a small office above a pizza shop in South Brisbane – Gavin and the team have gone on to position Redchip as an enviable commercial firm, with a client footprint spanning small and mid-market companies operating in a broad cross-section of industries.

Over the years, Redchip has grown their team to include a raft of commercial directors, associates, lawyers and a specialist support crew. The team’s mandate is to take complex problems, break them down, simplify them and communicate solutions in a way that makes sense to clients.

Whilst the experts at Redchip are thrilled by the highs of commercial success, they are just as motivated by the day-to-day work involved in supporting clients who are determined to achieve their ambitions.

Redchip’s team is driven by commercial thinking and by unpacking the outcome the client is looking to achieve, identifying how to get there, defining the risks involved and developing solutions to mitigate them.