Mingling at Myriad 2018


A jetload of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs doesn’t arrive in Brisbane every day, but at the end of May Queensland was the place to be for the digital world.

The second annual Myriad (myriad.org) festival shone a spotlight on Queensland innovators and influential thinkers, and you can bet our team was all over it. We love connecting with people who think a little differently!

With showcases and events on over the three days there was a lot to take in, but our commercial team came back to the office with some game-changing takeouts:


“I found inspiration in the presentation by Xero founder, Rod Drury. He spoke about Xero’s successes and capital raising – which is seriously impressive!

A few key points that resonated with me were:

  1. Always try and raise significantly more capital than you think you will need. This ensures you don’t lose momentum when the coffers start dwindling.
  2. Even when it isn’t necessary, keep trying to raise capital. It’s always easier to get money when you don’t (desperately) need it.
  3. Listing on the ASX is a great way for a high growth tech company to stand out. The ASX simply doesn’t have the same competition as there is in the US exchanges, so it’s easier to stand out.
  4. More international funds are moving to Australia on the back of some recent success in the tech industry. There has never been a better time for a fast growth tech company to hit the world stage using AUS and the ASX as a platform.”


“Myriad’s tag is “connecting the dot connectors” and meeting diverse and creative delegates was definitely the highlight of the event for me. The connections I made ranged from amazingly inventive entrepreneurs, such as the guys from Near Field Creative (a startup business that has developed wearable tech) and Reel (a startup changing the way we communicate with friends and loved ones in the future), to tech supporters such as Noosa co-working space, Noosa Boardroom, and consultants Business Models Inc.

Another highlight was the opportunity to be involved in the UQ Mentor Blaze for early stage startups who were looking for advice on what to consider in taking their businesses forward. It was a great opportunity to share some experiences with the people we hope to be doing business with in the future.”


“I am consistently blown away by the cool stuff happening in the tech and innovation space in SEQ. I met the founder of tech company Tritium, a Brisbane business which makes electric car chargers that are shipped around the world. Such an incredible local success story that we may not have heard if not for connecting at Myriad.

In regards to the conversations being had on and off stage, the cynic in me was struck by how many of the issues have been part of the business cycle for decades – the importance of trust, foundations for success, how hard it is to raise money, and people talking about how to raise money who never have. But I met a young guy one evening who put me right back in my place. I’ve written an article about some of my musings off the back of these conversations.” Read Gavin’s article here.


“I love learning about creative tech businesses and new innovations, but I am always drawn to the human side of these ideas. So what really resonated for me was one of the themes that popped up on stage at the ART of Digital event (hosted by QUT’s Chair in Digital Economy in conjunction with Myriad). Regardless of the journey the tech evolution takes us on, we will always circle back to being humans seeking human connection. And that’s something we can’t abdicate to a machine.”


“I enjoyed attending Myriad because it showcases current issues and key drivers for startup and tech companies. The event provided me with insights into the landscape for startups, what they are looking to achieve and how they are going about it. As an adviser to this industry, immersing myself in this culture allows me to better understand my clients and the commercial issues of relevance to them.”

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