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The roaring twenties are here again, and it’s shaping up to be a wild decade already.

We are pleased to start the turn of the decade with a good news story, as we welcome Redchip alumni Tim Gerbanas back to the firm as Associate Director.

With some time away as an in-house lawyer at Dominos, and adding a second tot to his family in the meantime, Tim is back to help drive our corporate merger, acquisition and disposal practice alongside Directors Robert Lalor, Peter McLaughlin and Gavin Barnes, as well as the wider team.

Beyond Tim’s extensive skillset and experience in running major transactions, it’s always a great feeling to welcome a member of the Redchip family back into the fold. Similarly to when Lucas Hewlett found his way back to Redchip in 2018, Tim embodies the client-focussed approach and commitment to quality that we value as a firm and we’re excited to see him deliver some outstanding results for our clients in the years ahead.

What does Redchip look like in 2020?

Tim’s return is one of many enhancements that are shaping a great year for Redchip. We spent some time in 2019 looking inwardly to our teams, systems and the level of care we want to provide to our staff and clients. As a result, we’ve been implementing some adjustments that we know will shape long term positive effects for you.

A few recent team highlights include:

  • Promotion of several of our legal team, including Zachary Pagliano, Thomas Bevitt and Playna Ho, as well as upskilling our support team such as Nicola Borbasi and Iris Walters.
  • The introduction of our Client Concierge role and welcoming Jane Smith to the team. Jane is dedicated to personalised client care and is a non-legal resource that our clients can access any time throughout their journey with us. She offers clarification and support to clients as well as taking on feedback, making introductions or connections and providing a listening ear when needed. Jane loves to hear client stories, so get in touch with her at janes@redchip.com.au or 07 3223 6100.
  • We’ve been fortunate to offer Law Graduate positions to two of our inspiring long-term team members – Nick Wlodarczyk and Tina O’Grady. We congratulate both Nick and Tina on their graduations in 2019.
  • Clients in our Private services team will be just as pleased as we are to welcome Associate Director Emily O’Brien back from maternity leave next week. We hope to still get office visits from her beautiful daughter Josephine from time to time.
  • Finally, we’ve added a few friendly new faces to the team, that we hope you’ll get to meet around the office or at one of our upcoming events.

We have plenty of activity going on in the background as we work towards making our firm stronger, smarter and more connected than ever before. We are not a law firm that settles for the status quo, and we’re continuously looking to move forward and shake things up. We love working with businesses and individuals doing the same and we look forward to hearing about, and sharing in, your good news stories as we progress through 2020.

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