What struck me in a recent Covid-19 press conference


When we originally started planning this edition of Redmail we decided to avoid any significant discussion regarding Covid-19; feeling fatigued by its constant presence in news and media. We thought we’d rather look broader than the viral virus and talk to some of the positive things happening in and around our business environment.

But when the recent lockdown crashed down upon us, it highlighted that Covid-19 refuses to be ignored and will remain impactful for us as a community for some time yet. Up here in Brisbane, we’ve only had a small taste of what the folks in Sydney and Melbourne have been dealing with for some time, and it’s an intimidating situation as a business owner and adviser.

Tuning in to the daily press conferences by QLD’s Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer was usually fairly bleak viewing, but a positive sentiment stuck out and stuck with me in one of the updates.

Jeanette Young, QLD’s Chief Medical Officer, made a comment about how the mayors of all the locked down LGAs had been in constant communication with her, had met (virtually) the day before and were united, cooperative and supportive of what the state government was trying to achieve. She noted how much easier her job is when those mayors (from different political parties) represent their communities in a non-partisan, cooperative manner.

That message of cooperation and community amongst political leaders – perhaps, traditionally, not our most cohesive of groups – really stood out to me. I think it’s something we can all take heed of, particularly in times of crisis.

I have always believed in the power of collaboration amongst business circles, and the pandemic presents a new perspective to this. Many businesses we speak with have been very busy and profitable over the last 12 months, with business activity on the rise. But we know there are many others that have been struggling, with the recent lockdown the latest blow. I wonder: how can we band together to support those in need? I don’t have all the answers, but I’m open to the conversations.

Can business advisers in varied fields unite, as our politicians have done, to support the businesses under their wings with a unified approach? What information and services may help bridge that gap between survival and closure, or hope and despair? I thought this content on Leading With Optimism from accounting firm, Bentleys, was both productive and positive, for example. I’m sharing it here in that spirit of unity and supportive collaboration!

On an individual level I find it’s also beneficial to keep the greater picture in mind, outside of any personal struggles we may be experiencing. Cooperating with government initiatives to control the virus as quickly as possible, despite the discomfort, for one thing. Beyond that I’m highly conscious of buying local and buying often to help keep my local economy afloat.

Please share if there is support you need or activity to participate in. I believe our communities will continue to rally together to help.

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