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Graduate Program

Begin a thriving career at Redchip

At Redchip Lawyers, it’s our great honour to develop and nurture the next generation of legal professionals. We aim to provide new law graduates with an outstanding support network and access to people, resources, and enriching experiences across our entire firm.

Our Graduate Program is designed for the first 18 months of a recent legal graduate’s employment. The program covers informal training, formal training modules, Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) and interactive sessions which enable graduates to gain insights across multiple areas of our practice. 

We’re proud to be building a  reputation throughout Australia for the quality of our program graduates and offer priority to them when hiring for our junior lawyer positions. 

To express your interest in a Graduate position with Redchip, email your CV to

A supportive team you can rely on

Supporting each other through busy project periods and complex problem solving is what we do best. We offer a relaxed environment where questions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Ample learning opportunities

We’re a teaching firm, which means senior staff members support the growth and development of their teams. A commitment to face-to-face time and an open learning environment has resulted in our reputation for producing outstanding lawyers and staff.

A life outside of work

Work is just one aspect of a meaningful life. While passion and a strong work ethic are a must here, we firmly believe that having interests and other pursuits outside of work create happier employees and less burnout. That also means supporting our staff at all stages of life.

A legacy of powering Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Find out why we have a reputation for being the most business-focussed lawyers in Queensland.