Brian Richards

Unlike most sane people, Brian Richards loves tax, and anyone who has attended a Redchip Tax Event will understand what we mean.

Brian believes that tax issues affect all businesses, regardless of size, and success lies in getting your tax strategy right. He provides advice and counsel to clients engaged in any transaction with a tax component, and works to ensure clients understand contemporary tax issues.


“I have a great belief that taxation has a pervading impact on all business transactions. Being able to deliver contemporary and good commercial tax advice is a necessary component for any business venture to be a success.”

Brian maintains a high profile role in the industry, having advised to a wide range of clients for almost 40 years. He has also been a member of the Board of Taxation’s Advisory Panel for the past decade.

While he spends a great deal of time poring over changes to tax legislation to ensure his technical knowledge is of the highest degree, Brian also enjoys delivering a personal service to all his clients. “All business clients, whether small or large, are entitled to expect delivery of high level, effective and commercial taxation advice, as every transaction has an element of taxation.”

It is no secret that Brian has a competitive streak, so it shouldn’t be surprising to hear he used to be a keen marathon runner. Probably not unlike the marathon effort it takes to master the myriad of tax rulings that come out every year.

Why Brian

Nobody knows more about the intricacies of contemporary taxation and the implications for all manner of commercial transactions.


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