Daniel Bercolli

Daniel Bercolli likes to dig beneath the surface and understand how, and why, things tick. This curiosity brought him to the legal world, where he is able to find sense in complex issues and disseminate this knowledge for his clients.

Daniel’s goal is to ensure his clients’ conflicts and complications cause them as little stress as possible, no matter whether it is a small debt collection issue or a major tenancy dispute.


“You have to be able to adapt quickly and think on your feet in the litigation world. A quick response can be the difference between a positive or negative outcome.”

It’s in Daniel’s DNA to embrace challenges with confidence and a positive mindset, so the range of complex and often demanding matters he encounters as part of Redchip’s Litigation team is right up his alley.

Although he practices in civil litigation, Daniel applies different areas of law – from commercial to property to employment – to resolve disputes, recover debts and manage risks for his clients. He enjoys the fact that each new problem requires a different approach and allows him to learn something new.

Daniel’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge runs beyond the law – his other passion falls in the sciences, namely physics or astrophysics. He is often researching the topics in his spare time and will happily discuss latest discoveries and theories with other science-heads out there!

Why Daniel

Daniel faces challenges head-on and aims to reduce his clients’ stress through difficult matters.


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