Dominic Brunet

Translating complexity into simple terms is how Dominic Brunet helps his clients to overcome issues that may at first feel insurmountable.

Specialising in the areas of commercial litigation, insolvency, building and construction disputes and industrial relations, Dominic is passionate about supporting his clients to confidently navigate challenges so they can return to their normal day jobs and focus on what they do best.

Dominic Brunet

“Every day is different and every matter is different. The ability to help people and, in some circumstances, change peoples’ lives, is why I became a lawyer.”

Dominic thrives in today’s complex legal landscape and is focused on constantly evolving his knowledge and skills to stay ahead of trends and evolving issues.

It was Redchip’s holistic approach to understanding and meeting a client’s needs that attracted Dominic to join the firm. Dominic believes that taking the time to deeply understand which areas of a client’s business could be impacted, is key to forming a strategy that delivers successful outcomes.

When he’s not solving his clients’ problems, you’ll probably find Dominic in the surf or spending some quality time with his family.

Why Dominic

His ability to translate complex issues into simple terms.


26 October 2020 | Dominic Brunet
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Covering QBCC Compliance Audits / QBCC Minimum Financial Requirements for licensees and how accountants can...

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Dominic Brunet