Dylan Carrier-Hubbard

Dylan Carrier-Hubbard’s life is full of juxtaposing themes, starting with his decision to become a litigation lawyer. This down-to-earth, nice guy often spends his days in heated battle on behalf of his clients, helping them to assert their legal rights or defend their position.

The paradox “change is the only constant” certainly rings true for Dylan’s working life. Every situation and client he helps is different from the last, and that’s exactly what keeps him motivated.

Dylan Carrier-Hubbard

“The consistent changes and challenges faced as a litigation lawyer keep me engaged and motivated to get out of bed in the morning.”

When Dylan first meets his clients they are often in seemingly impossible stations, but he takes pride in flipping that on its head, discovering the possibilities and achieving commercial outcomes for his clients.

Whilst the nature of Dylan’s work is quite regimented and combative – he spends his days managing disputes, drafting claims and defences, or following Court application procedures – the stories and outcomes behind his work are touchingly human. After years of complex litigious battle, Dylan still recalls the smile of his client who could finally retire without financial stress or worry.

You’ll find further juxtaposition in the very clothes on Dylan’s back. Whilst you’ll rarely see him without waistcoat and tie in the office, on the weekends his dress code is far more casual as he hits the gym or heads out for some fishing.

Why Dylan

He takes seemingly impossible situations and strives for commercial outcomes.


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Dylan Carrier-Hubbard