Emily O’Brien

Emily O’Brien’s work with the Private and Commercial teams involves restructuring existing affairs to deliver asset protection or taxation advantages, supporting the acquisition or sale of businesses, and working with clients to develop plans for their business or personal situations.

Emily goes further than just scratching the surface when addressing client matters.


“I enjoy finding solutions for clients that address all of their concerns – those they raise and also those that they don’t realise they hold.”

To help them solve issues relating to their business and personal structures and achieve their goals, Emily believes it is vital to build relationships that extend beyond a purely transactional nature.

Emily thrives on the challenge of developing solutions for her clients that address their concerns and, just as importantly, helping them address those issues of which they weren’t even aware.

While at work Emily is invested in ensuring her clients’ affairs are wrapped up as tight as possible, in her spare time she is an “escape artist” – an elusive concept that only those in the know will understand…

Why Emily

The client relationship is more than purely transactional and needs to address the issues clients know they have as well as those they aren’t aware of.


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Emily O’Brien