Gavin Barnes

Redchip was established by Gavin Barnes in the mid-1990s based on an instinct that business owners and entrepreneurs would respond positively to services delivered by a firm that was motivated by the same drivers as themselves.

Gavin’s strong commercial background, along with his endless curiosity about what makes businesses tick and what drives innovation in Australian companies, has seen him build one of the industry’s most unique commercial firms.

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Gavin has a no-nonsense, straight talking style coupled with a natural ability to take complex matters and distil them down into easily understood outcomes.

He is keenly interested in opportunities and risks impacting both small and mid-sized businesses, from formation to growth and through to exit. Gavin is actively involved in capital raising, complex joint ventures and corporate advisory. He also handles mergers and acquisitions for the SME market and small cap listed companies.

Beyond his day-to-day role, Gavin is an active advisory board member to a number of tech start-ups and has himself been an investor in a number of successful start-ups. Gavin also holds several formal NED roles. He has been a long-time driver of Queensland’s IT sector, mentor to start-ups and entrepreneurs, commentator and educator, incubator champion, and co-founder of a number of forums including First Tuesday.

Gavin’s passion for food and wine outside of work are commonly known, but his farming interests may not be as familiar. Weekends will often see Gavin building chook runs, tending the kitchen garden or just enjoying the fruits of his (sometimes infrequent) labours. If the weather is right, however, he is happiest with a fishing rod or golf club in hand.

Why Gavin

I am driven by the same motivators as all business owners and entrepreneurs – innovation, goals, continual reflection and performance improvement.


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