Ian Tindale

A true industry veteran, Ian Tindale has experience spanning 25 years as a lawyer in many different sectors – from litigation, to property, to commercial law – but these days his focus is on Private services such as Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

He works collaboratively with other industry professionals in the accounting, insurance and financial services sectors to provide expert advice for managing personal and business risk.


“We give our clients peace of mind because we identify and resolve the issues and problems that have been niggling away in the back of their minds. They can rest easy knowing that the issue they haven’t been able to put a finger on, we are working to define and resolve.”

Ian has a gift for identifying and resolving issues to protect his clients’ interests and enjoys giving them peace of mind that the issues which have been niggling away in the back of their minds are now resolved.

Ian’s track record covers a laundry list of career highlights. These include: running litigation cases that created new law, resolving unwinnable cases, devising commercial strategies that saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, successfully negotiating disputes – even when the client was in a position of significant risk – and solving complex Estate Planning issues.

For those who have seen the charismatic Ian in action presenting, networking or running meetings, it may come as a shock to hear him classify himself as a shy guy.

Why Ian

I want to make a difference every day in my work and for my clients.


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