Ian Tindale

Ian’s extensive experience as a lawyer spans over many different sectors – from litigation, to property, to commercial law – his focus is on Private services which includes Corporate and personal structuring, asset protection, revenue law, personal and corporate succession planning.

He works with other industry professionals in the accounting, insurance and financial services sectors to provide expert advice for managing personal and business risk.


With an ability for identifying and resolving issues to protect his clients’ interests, Ian enjoys giving them peace of mind that the issues that once consumed them are now successfully resolved.

Why Ian

I want to make a difference every day in my work and for my clients.


23 June 2020 | Ian Tindale
I have far too much storage...

If your client uses vacant land as storage for their business, and is hoping to rely on the Small Business CGT...

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5 May 2020 | Ian Tindale
Estate Planning: The market has...

At our Wednesdays With Redchip webinar in April, our experts Ian and Emily stepped through how you can generate...

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Ian Tindale