Jane Smith

Jane fills a unique role at Redchip, and a greatly valuable one. As the firm’s Client Concierge, Jane acts as a bridge between the sometimes-daunting legal world and the everyday experiences of our clients.

Jane is devoted to personalised client care. From offering clarification and support to taking on feedback, making connections and providing a listening ear, Jane takes personal service to a new level to support our clients’ legal processes.

Jane Smith

“Knowing there’s someone you can speak to who sits outside the process can be reassuring and helpful.”

The nature of Jane’s role makes her a wealth of wisdom regarding the work that happens under the Redchip roof. She is connected across services from Estate Planning to conveyancing transactions through to trade marks and startups.

Her experiences in starting and running her own businesses allow Jane to empathise with the highs and lows of the commercial world, and understand clients’ needs. She is passionate about fostering meaningful relationships and making a positive difference to clients, colleagues and associates of the firm.

This people-person has spent her life connecting with people all over the globe. Having worked in the UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand and now Australia, Jane can also boast having visited every continent in the world.

Don’t be shy to share you travel stories next time you’re chatting to her!

Why Jane

Jane takes personal service to a new level to support clients’ legal processes.


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Jane Smith