Jennifer Cavanagh

As Redchip’s Marketing Manager, Jen believes she has the best job in the office. A creative thinker who believes delivering amazing experiences is the best growth tool in a business’s kit, Jen enjoys collaborating across the firm to elevate processes, spread Redchip’s brand messages, and highlight the expertise and personalities of the Redchip team.

Making the most of her skills in creative writing and communications, Jen brings a fresh perspective to the legal world and aims to communicate Redchip’s service and advisory offers to clients in plain speak.

Jennifer Cavanagh

Jen doesn’t buy into the theory that, because something has always been done a certain way, it must continue as such. She is regularly developing and evolving systems and processes to facilitate content sharing with the firm’s valuable network.

In her decade of working in professional services marketing, Jen has developed a passion for experience and engagement to build brand advocates. “If you can deliver an incredible experience to the stakeholders of your business, you’re building a network of trust and reputation that is stronger, and has more longevity, than any marketing campaign.”

Outside of the office, human connection is still foremost for Jen who puts time with her close-knit family above all else – even holidaying each Easter with her extensive tribe of cousins and their families.

Why Jennifer

Jen gets her daily charge from connecting Redchip’s team directly with the people who can most benefit from their expertise.


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Jennifer Cavanagh