Lauren Cutuli

Lauren Cutuli knew from a young age that she was destined for the legal world. With her personal strengths ranging from an analytical mind and studious nature to her engaging personality, she knew from her first taste of legal studies that a career in Property and Commercial law was her perfect match.

Now her aspirations have been realised, Lauren spends her days supporting clients through their business and property transactions including sales, acquisitions and leasing. She thrives on contributing to her clients’ success whilst also expanding her own knowledge and experience.

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Lauren particularly draws inspiration from the many powerful women in law she has been fortunate to encounter throughout her career, and is passionate about contributing to a supportive community for women in the profession.

As a transactional lawyer, Lauren is always on the look-out for hidden issues, as well as opportunities to enhance her clients’ position. A standout moment for Lauren was saving her client a mammoth $9million in taxes on the sale of their business and property.

Not only does Lauren show diversity in her skillset as a lawyer, her leisure activities also show a stark contrast. She cites her favourite pastimes as both exercising and lazily lounging whilst watching terrible reality TV and true crime documentaries.

Why Lauren

I am approachable, responsive, realistic, stick to the timeframes I give my clients and will do whatever it takes to achieve my clients’ desired outcomes.


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