Nick Robson

Whether you’re selling a business, merging organisations or acquiring a new business or property, Nick Robson is your go-to man. He ensures his clients’ transactions are effected with optimal commercial results and minimal risk.

While Nick enjoys the intellectual challenges of his role, it’s the opportunity to provide peace of mind during demanding times that resonates with him most.

Nick Robson

“It’s always satisfying adding tangible benefits to my clients’ businesses, but being able to offer clarity and assurance is truly significant.”

As a lawyer with a keen commercial outlook, Nick aims to help his clients achieve holistic outcomes. His experience allows him to stay on the front foot, keeping broader goals in mind and supporting businesses and transactions end-to-end.

One of Nick’s most memorable career moments was helping a young optometrist with a new venture. Nick walked him through the various considerations and processes in starting a business, from initial structuring advice to negotiating the lease for the premises, leading to a strong business foundation and a grateful client as a result.

While this avid sports fan is now a through-and-through green and gold supporter, a little-known fact (that is perhaps best not disclosed too often!) is that Nick spent much of his childhood in New Zealand and grew up worshipping the All Blacks.

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Nick ensures his clients’ transactions are effected with minimal risk.


29 August 2019 | Nick Robson
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A bill that was reintroduced to parliament in July 2019 may spell the end of the corporate veil separating...

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Nick Robson