Nick Wlodarczyk

Nick has been around the legal world his entire life, with lawyer parents and jobs in law firms since finishing school. So Nick thoroughly understands the needs of his clients and what it take to get their deals across the line.

Whilst Nick’s animated laughter can often be heard ringing through the office, he doesn’t kid around when it comes to his work. He takes a client-focussed and efficient approach to all matters, whether filing a trade mark, drafting a document or running a transaction.


“When someone has a legal matter they’re looking for quality work and a quick turnaround, but even more valuable is a lawyer they’re comfortable to pick up the phone and talk to. That’s the level of service I aim to provide.”

Nick’s experience lies in running property transactions, but these days he works across all facets of property, commercial and private client services. Variety is the spice of life, and socialite Nick enjoys collaborating with various colleagues and clients to achieve commercial outcomes.

Before the legal sector caught Nick’s eye he studied a bachelor of fine arts in fashion design, a history that shines through in his stylish attire and impeccable taste.

Why Nick

His personable yet determined nature eases stress for his clients.


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Nick Wlodarczyk