Nick Wlodarczyk

As Redchip’s Conveyancing Manager, Nick Wlodarczyk’s focus is on minimising the stress of the residential and off-the-plan conveyancing processes for clients.

Whilst Nick’s animated laughter can often be heard ringing through the office, he doesn’t kid around when it comes to driving matters through to settlement and ensuring smooth property transactions are achieved for his clients. Nick brings an upbeat energy and client-focussed approach to his position.


“I know how time critical the conveyancing process is, and that lag time can add to an already stressful situation. My team achieves fast and effective turnarounds for our clients and keeps them informed of our progress every step of the way.”

Nick values open communication, prides himself on quick turnarounds, and keeps his clients informed every step of the way. “Communication is key to the conveyancing process, whether it be talking first home buyers through their transactions, liaising with real estate agents or discussing workflows with large-scale developers. I am a people person, so I really enjoy this personal interaction that my job requires.”

Before the conveyancing sector caught Nick’s eye he studied a bachelor of fine arts in fashion design, a history that shines through particularly in his footwear – Nick definitely has the best dressed feet in the office!

Why Nick

His personable yet determined nature eases the stress of high value transactions.


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Nick Wlodarczyk