Nicola Borbasi

Nicola Borbasi draws her energy from the people around her, which is why her dual roles as Redchip’s Events Coordinator and Front of House Receptionist are the perfect combination to keep her inspired every day.

Nicola spends her days providing the highest levels of service to Redchip’s staff and clients, as well as coordinating events such as our popular Wednesdays With Redchip series.


“I love making events special and unique. It’s those little touches that really make a difference.”

Coming from a hospitality background, Nicola is no stranger to a fast-paced environment and jumping to the needs of her clients. She takes pride in providing peace of mind that all requests are being carried with the significance and urgency they deserve.

Nothing pleases Nicola more than seeing those around her relaxed and enjoying themselves – whether it’s a client sipping a freshly brewed cappuccino, a colleague relishing in carefully selected catering or an event attendee comfortably soaking in the atmosphere that she’s helped to create.

While Nicola loves people, it’s the people she loves most that she truly devotes her time to. To unwind after a busy events schedule, you’ll find Nicola soaking up the sun or relaxing with her nearest and dearest.

Why Nicola

Nicola spends her days providing the highest levels of service to Redchip’s staff and clients.


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Nicola Borbasi