Olivia Davison

Bubbly conveyancing paralegal, Olivia Davison, is happiest in her workday when calling clients with the good news that their property transactions have successfully settled.

As she’s responsible for settling multiple transactions every week, it’s no wonder Olivia is such a bright spark around the office. Clients and colleagues alike enjoy Olivia’s candour and approachability.


“Conveyancing isn’t just about processing paperwork. It’s about being able to have conversations that are compassionate and clear, without just rambling off legal jargon.”

With so many moving parts involved in buying or selling houses, units or land, there are plenty of opportunities for things to fall out of place. But Olivia is quick to spot inconsistencies, find solutions and achieve the most practical and commercial results for her clients.

She puts the emphasis on preparation to achieve smooth transactions. “Conveyancing is a fast-paced industry. When things heat up and you have multiple settlements happening in one day, you simply can’t leave details to the last minute”.

Communicating with people may just be part of the day job for Olivia now, but once upon a time she wasn’t so outgoing. “I used to be a very shy person and hardly spoke… I think I am making up for it now though!”

Why Olivia

Olivia is approachable and compassionate when assisting clients through milestone transactions.


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Olivia Davison