Peter McLaughlin

As a leader in Redchip’s Commercial practice, Peter enjoys working with his clients to help them grow their businesses.

He believes the key that helps him unlock his clients’ successes is his ability to know when to be creative, and when to be conservative. “Sometimes clients need me to explain to them how they should handle a difficult situation, or to break down legal concepts into everyday language. Sometimes people just need peace of mind about a particular issue they are tackling, and reassurance that there is a path forward to achieve what they want.”


With a strong track record in a broad range of commercial law and an engaging presence in all his interactions, Peter has built a loyal following of clients over the years.

When asked why he became a lawyer, Peter answers, “To start off with I think I was following in my father’s footsteps, but I quickly learnt that the law is interesting and challenging. It makes you think about how it can be used to help others.”

When he is not at work you may find Peter practicing Tai Chi or Kung Fu. “I should have been a litigator,” he quips.

Why Peter

His ability to know when to be creative, and when to be conservative, helps him unlock client success.


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