Stephen Harvey

Stephen is a problem solver. He is the man with the answers for clients seeking technical information regarding business and investment structures and restructures.

There is very little Stephen hasn’t come across in managing legal documentation in relation to structures, and nothing is too much trouble if it keeps the wheels turning and delivers the right results.


“Every day is different for me, as I guide clients through areas with which they are uncertain or unfamiliar. It’s about simplifying potentially complex issues for them.”

Stephen’s focus is on bridging the gap for clients between knowledge and action. He has strong commercial experience in a wide range of advisory and large transactional matters including trusts, corporate, banking and finance, taxation and stamp duty.

Why Stephen

Nothing is too much trouble, whether it’s technical solutions or general structuring advice you’re needing.


25 June 2015 | Stephen Harvey
Three tips for trusts

Trusts are powerful structuring platforms for trading or passive asset holding, but they do bring with them a...

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25 June 2015 | Stephen Harvey
Non-fixed trusts

Most advisers are aware of the benefits of making a Family Trust Election (FTE) for carrying forward revenue...

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Stephen Harvey