Tahleigh Gibbs

If you have a question about protecting an element of your business’s brand, Tahleigh is the person to speak to! A registered trade marks attorney, Tahleigh manages Redchip’s extensive trade mark portfolio and helps everyone from fresh startups to established corporations to protect, enforce and exploit their trade mark rights.

Although her working world is consumed by all things trade marks, Tahleigh understands it can be new terrain for many of her clients. She is genuine and enthusiastic in her interactions and believes that two-way communication with her clients leads to the best outcomes.

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Tahleigh enjoys fostering strong relationships with her clients that last beyond single interactions. She loves hearing about her clients’ unique ideas, products and brands, and works with the wider Commercial and Technology team to support all aspects of their business journeys.

Despite having worked in trade marks for several years, Tahleigh still gets excited by even the smallest wins. Every mark acceptance and new brand protected provides a buzz that keeps her motivated and invested in her work every day.

Tahleigh has a Diploma in Legal Services and a Graduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law and Practice.

When switching off her brain from trade marks Tahleigh will often turn to fantasy books, video games or play time with her daughter to escape. Or if she’s looking for a physical break, she’ll jump on her bike and go for a (cautious) ride.

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Your go-to professional for all things trade marks


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