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The daily challenges and strategic opportunities served up by his commercial law clients, along with the satisfaction of securing them successful outcomes, are the drivers behind Thomas Bevitt’s career.

After five years working at a specialist Intellectual Property (IP) firm, Thomas joined Redchip to connect with the firm’s strong IP legacy and expand his commercial expertise. He now enjoys working closely alongside his clients on all facets of their businesses.

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“There is never only a single issue to be considered in a commercial matter. I love tackling this complexity and providing straightforward resolutions for my clients.”

Thomas works with his SME clients to develop and implement strategies for IP and asset protection, as well as resolving disputes, drafting business agreements and policies, completing application and registration processes and advising on a broad spectrum of IP and commercial matters.

He finds it especially rewarding  to help businesses enforce their rights and reap the benefits. “One matter that stands out involved the owner of a small business who ended up in a dispute with a large fuel company. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement that allowed the business owner to retain his market position and investment in the business.”

Like your typical Queenslander, Thomas enjoys anything pertaining to sports and the beach. He even combined these passions by volunteering for many years as a surf lifesaver.

Why Thomas

I provide straightforward resolutions to complex matters and commercially effective advice.


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