Tina O’Grady

Tina O’Grady loves the law. Her passion for the justice system has seen her grow her career over 12 years in the industry, advancing from legal secretary to paralegal, to now graduating with her law degree and being on the verge of admission.

Whilst Tina has a talent for the technicalities of law, it’s not the driver behind her ambitions. Nurturing yet pragmatic by nature, Tina ultimately strives to use the knowledge she’s accumulated to comfort people and simplify their lives.

Tina O’Grady

“I want to help everyday people with their transactions and, in doing so, take their stress away. I’m being relied upon to deliver timely outcomes, and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.”

After many years in Environment and Planning law followed by Commercial Litigation, Tina moved across to Redchip’s Conveyancing team where she now guides clients through their property transactions and ensures they achieve smooth settlements. Tina understands the significance of these transactions for her clients and regards them accordingly:

“I might deal with issues every day that seem commonplace to me, but when it’s a high-stake transaction taking place it’s actually a huge deal. That’s why I’m always trying to put myself in the client’s shoes and be attentive to their concerns.”

Perhaps thanks to her Italian heritage, Tina embraces her life’s passions whole-heartedly. Along with her penchants for the law and top client service, Tina’s loves include her family, footy, cooking and wine!

Why Tina

Her engaging yet no-nonsense approach to helping clients through their transactions.


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Tina O’Grady