Zachary Pagliano

Running counter to the stereotypical commercial lawyer, Zachary Pagliano ranks the collective successes of his clients above individual cases, even those that have come with multi-million dollar settlements.

Although Zachary’s workload consists of a broad range of commercial, intellectual property and even property matters, as a registered trade mark attorney his passion is assisting businesses to secure brand value and avoid infringement (and potentially litigation) by protecting their most vital business assets – their brands.


“In all honesty, the highlight of my day is helping my clients achieve the best possible outcomes by exceeding their expectations, and seeing for myself the difference it is making to them.”

With a degree in banking and finance to complement his law degree, Zachary has solid technical knowledge of finance and economics. This commercial awareness, alongside his legal capabilities, ensures he gives his clients the best possible advice as he works with them and their business.

Zachary is known as a professional who considers and weighs the options comprehensively ahead of determining a recommended approach and then, together with his clients, working to achieve the desired result. The end game is all important to Zachary.

It is not only businesses that Zachary enjoys helping grow. Anyone close to him would also know that Zachary has a real appreciation of design, art and plants. Thank goodness his early horticultural interest didn’t dissuade him from joining the world of commercial law.

Why Zachary

Determining options, removing obstacles and getting clients their desired results are all important to Zac.


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