Zachary Pagliano

Zachary’s workload comprises a broad range of commercial, IP and property matters. In addition to being a lawyer, Zachary is also a registered trade mark attorney and has a passion for assisting businesses develop and protect their most vital business assets – their brands.

With degrees from QUT in business (banking and finance) and law, Zachary has an impressive technical knowledge. His expertise has been further honed at the University of Melbourne where Zachary completed a Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law. These foundations ensure Zachary has a broad commercial awareness enabling him to provide clients with practical and insightful advice.


Zachary considers and weighs up the options, determines a recommended approach and then, together with the Redchip team, relentlessly works towards the desired result. The end game is all important to Zachary.

But it is not only businesses that Zachary enjoys helping grow. Anyone close to him would also know has also has a real appreciation for plants and gardens. Thank goodness his early horticultural interest didn’t dissuade him from joining the legal world.

Why Zachary

Determining options, removing obstacles and getting clients their desired results are all important to Zac.


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