Zoe Musch

If a litigation lawyer were a superhero going into battle, as a litigation paralegal Zoe would be the trusted sidekick – keeping the plan on track with her organised approach and no-nonsense attitude.

Alongside Redchip’s Litigation Team, Zoe helps everyone from sophisticated corporate clients to small family business owners and individuals to resolve disputes and recover debts.

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After many years working in legal administration roles and with a Bachelor of Justice already under her belt, Zoe recently returned to the books and is set to complete her Bachelor of Laws in early 2022. All whilst dedicating her working hours to helping Redchip’s commercial litigation clients – a true heroic feat!

When she knocks off for the day, Zoe grounds herself by indulging in travel, food, wine or a touch of trashy reality TV.

Why Zoe

Her organised approach and no-nonsense attitude.


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Zoe Musch