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Franchising, Licensing & Distribution

Franchising is a niche area of law. You need an advisory team that understands the ins and outs of what works – and what doesn’t.

Whether you want to take your business from boutique to scale, buy your first franchise, or need to plan your exit strategy, the Redchip Commercial team is shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the journey.

Our team lives and breathes franchising. From establishing or buying a franchise, dealing with the growing pains that come as you expand your business quickly, or planning your exit strategy, there is nothing ‘franchise-related’ we haven’t done before.

We’ve experienced the entire journey with our clients from start-up, to first purchase, to exit.

If you have a great business you want to grow quickly, without investing your own capital, the Redchip Commercial team will guide you along that journey and prepare your franchise documents in order to help drive your success quickly and effectively.

Alternatively, if you are just beginning to investigate the purchase of your first franchise, there is nothing we love more than sharing the journey with you. We guide you along the path to purchase, giving you clear and focussed advice, identifying areas of risk and explaining the documentation every step of the way.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you are a franchisee wanting to exit the system – whether it be due to a sale or dispute – we outline your options and create a path for you to exit.

We tap into our team’s experience in Business Succession, IP & Trade Marks, Licensing, and Conflict Resolution & Litigation to deliver a true end-to-end franchising service.

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