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Trade marks

Vigilantly protect your brand and its value.

Our trade mark specialists provide clear pathways for protecting brands and enforcing trade mark rights both in Australia and overseas.

Trade mark registration is an important form of intellectual property protection that can help to protect your business and build its value. Our team offers a deep understanding of commercial law and small business needs alongside dedicated trade mark expertise. Every matter is reviewed by a Trade Mark Attorney registered with professional standards board for patent and trade mark attorneys.

Our services include:

  • Pre-filing search and reporting: Identify existing trade marks that may conflict with new brands you develop.
  • Australian trade mark applications: Assessment, advice, strategy and preparation of your trade mark application.
  • International trade mark applications: Navigate overseas protection alongside our network of international trade mark professionals.
  • Maintenance: Keep on top of deadlines and notifications, ensuring your registrations remain valid and your rights enforceable.
  • Monitoring: We provide an early-warning service to monitor for trade mark infringement.
  • Claims and dispute resolution: Should encroachment arise, our in-house IP dispute team is poised to take firm, decisive action.
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