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QBCC Licensing & Regulatory Disputes

We know the ins and outs and intricacies of the QBCC Act.

We’ll apply our expertise to help you successfully resolve your disputes or assist you with your licencing issues.

Our experienced dispute lawyers regularly manage and resolve all types of disputes involving the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), domestic and commercial building works, and licensing issues. We have represented builders, subcontractors and homeowners in matters against the QBCC.

We advise contractors on:

  • Building contract disputes
  • QBCC Licence applications
  • QBCC directions to rectify
  • Contract compliance
  • Home warranty insurance
  • Review of QBCC Decisions
  • QBCC regulatory action
  • Civil litigation claims

We advise homeowners on:

  • Building contract disputes
  • Defective and incomplete work complaints including directions to rectify
  • Consequential damage issues, including damage caused by building works performed on neighbouring sites
  • Home Warranty insurance
  • Review of QBCC Decisions
  • Civil litigation claims
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