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Business Succession Planning

For your business to survive inevitable change, you need to have a plan.

We understand the weight on the minds of many business owners in relation to the future of the business they have worked so hard to build. Regardless of whether you are determining how to retire from your business, or making plans to provide for a forced or unplanned exit from your business, the Redchip Private team’s single minded focus is on delivering certainty for that plan.

Businesses are owned by real people with real goals for their lives and families. Redchip works with you and your advisers to understand your succession planning objectives for when a business owner is no longer able to work in the business. We take into account asset protection measures, the commercial objectives and taxation consequences, along with the personal goals of all business owners.

Quite often our clients don’t even realise they require succession planning advice. It is up to us to assist our clients in identifying and understanding the risks and how they can be overcome.

Our services include:

  • Providing a succession plan for the business and the business owners
  • Assisting clients in determining key issues, such as how the business will be valued and how the purchase price will be funded, before any unforeseen events occur
  • Applying strategies to reduce the potential for disagreements between the remaining business owners and the spouse of the departed business owner

The Redchip Private team lightens your burden of risk and provides you with confidence that your outcomes will be achieved.

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