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Superannuation Strategies

Removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt from superannuation planning.

In the face of the efforts of regulators to spread fear about superannuation, the Redchip Private team shines a light into a relatively complex arena and clear the path of obstacles.

Superannuation is confusing, and sometimes unsettling, for many people. Your superannuation account contains your money, but you aren’t allowed to touch it. The ATO adds a layer of complexity and fear into the mix, with the threat of harsh tax treatment and personal liability if you get it wrong.

Our Private team understands that superannuation is a complex area that can be difficult to navigate. We demystify the process by working with you and your advisers to understand your financial situation and develop a superannuation strategy to best achieve your objectives.

We have a strong pedigree in successfully:

  • Establishing SMSFs
  • Preparing strategies to allow members to maintain property in their SMSF if one of the members were to pass away or suffer a disabling event
  • Creating succession plans for clients’ superannuation entitlements

Whilst the end products are important – such as SMSFs, Death Benefit Nominations, Bare Trusts, Custodian Trustees, governing rule upgrades and insurance strategies – the true value lies in the strategies and supporting information we develop to ensure these products are understood and working to your best advantage.

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