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News Meet Rhennen Ford – Redchip’s New Director

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  • Published Current as at 9 May 2023
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As Redchip continues to drive businesses momentum, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Rhennen Ford to Director. A skilled property lawyer and leader, Rhennen will be taking over the operational leadership of our Property Team.

Since beginning with Redchip in 2016, Rhennen has crafted excellent technical skills as a property lawyer and shown ongoing dedication to becoming a strong leader within Redchip – collaborating with and mentoring his peers, understanding how the business runs and building a rapport with some of the firm’s core clients.

“We offer a huge congratulations to Rhennen on his promotion. It’s been fantastic to see his growth over the past seven years, and to see him develop into a business-minded leader.”

Rob Lalor, Managing Director

Rhennen’s promotion is a result of the growth we’ve experienced as a firm, and the growth and success he has achieved as a lawyer. It comes off the back of other recent structural changes, including Rob Lalor’s transition to the Managing Director role at Redchip.

These structural changes will not affect the streamlined workflow or relationships held by our clients. Business momentum will continue, with Rhennen and Rob continuing their client focus as they adopt new responsibilities. If you have any questions regarding our real estate services, you can contact Rhennen at

Redchip is committed to creating career pathways for the people dedicated to our practice and our clients, and we’re proud to be supporting Rhennen as he takes this step in his career. Please join us in congratulating him.

Meet Rhennen

Years at Redchip

I will be seven years with the firm in July.

How do you feel about becoming a Director at Redchip?

I’m proud to have worked my way through the ranks, honoured to be joining a dedicated team of directors, and excited to continue driving the success of Redchip’s property team, our clients, and the business.

What are your leadership aspirations for the property team?

I’m looking forward to working with the team to further streamline our processes, increase our capacity and efficiency for our clients, and engage in more complex transactions as we grow.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

Being more strategically involved in that bigger picture. It’s going to be refreshing to shift into a slightly different mindset when approaching the job day-to-day to achieve great business outcomes for our clients.

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