Moving Light Moving Light

When it comes to Redchip’s marketing initiatives, Jen believes that delivering amazing experiences leads to the best growth opportunities.

Whether preparing resources, proposals, events or digital communications, Jen works alongside the entire Redchip team to share Redchip’s insights and brand ethos. She puts human experience at the forefront of every strategy to inspire brand advocates both in and outside of the organisation.

  • Bachelor of Creative Industries
How Jennifer can help
  • Event coordination.
  • Content contribution.
  • Brand collaboration opportunities.
  • Client experience development.
  • Website and digital enquiries.
  • Sponsorship enquiries.

It is my job to ensure clients are able to easily connect with the right services to achieve their goals. I do this by ensuring our offerings are compelling, clear, consistent and easily accessible.”

— Jennifer Cavanagh

Driving business

At Redchip, people often tell us that we don’t seem like lawyers. We make a point to have real conversations with our clients in everyday language. Because at our core, we know that success is built on relationships.