Moving Light Moving Light

Leea works with people at all stages of their business and personal lives to ensure their wishes are documented and their plans for the future are in place.

Leea has the pleasure of working with a wide cross-section of Redchip’s client base, as an Estate Plan is important for every client that comes through our doors.

Leea brings compassion and expertise to support her clients through areas that are often difficult to address, including estate planning and estate administration.

  • Commissioner for Declarations
How Leea can help
  • Ensuring your Estate Plan is reflective of your wishes.
  • Creating Wills and other Estate Planning documents.
  • Explaining the Estate Planning process, concepts and documents.
  • Assisting with Estate administrations.
  • Trust Deed amendments.

Creating an Estate Plan can be confronting, but I aim to lighten the process and enjoy being able to deliver that relief for people once it’s all in place.”

— Leea Denning

Driving business

At Redchip, people often tell us that we don’t seem like lawyers. We make a point to have real conversations with our clients in everyday language. Because at our core, we know that success is built on relationships.