What is eftsure?

Protecting your payments against fraud and error.

We take the financial security of our clients and firm seriously. Redchip engages the services of eftsure to verify the payments made to our clients and third parties, ensuring all funds are managed safely.

Eftsure is a reputable company that manages financial onboarding and provides real-time fraud protection.

What is eftsure?

Eftsure’s mission is to provide all Australian organisations with access to correct, verified and up-to-date information on payments. They are dedicated to protecting companies against fraud and error made through incorrect, fraudulently changed or maliciously altered payee information.

Learn more about eftsure here.

How does the process work?

  1. When you engage the services of Redchip, we will submit your email address to eftsure and you will be sent an email inviting you to register with eftsure and enter your details.
  2. Once your details have been entered with eftsure, a member of the eftsure team will call you on an independently sourced phone number to confirm that the details are correct. The team member may be based in Australia or overseas.
  3. Once eftsure have completed this verification process, your information will be securely passed on to Redchip.

Redchip’s Cybersecurity Team has thoroughly vetted eftsure’s systems and processes and you can confidently register with eftsure when requested.

Why should I register with eftsure?

Payment fraud is increasing, with law firms a primary target. Hackers will attempt to intercept correspondence and redirect money into non-genuine bank accounts. Registering with eftsure ensures your payments are made securely and accurately by Redchip.

Eftsure processes, in particular the verification phone call made to an independently sourced phone number, provides assurance that your payment details are genuine, up to date, and going to the correct account.

How secure is eftsure?

Eftsure’s processes and systems have been fully vetted by our Cybersecurity Team. Your data is stored in eftsure servers which are physically located in Australia (including back up servers).

How long does the verification process take?

Once you have entered your details in eftsure you can expect a call from the team at eftsure within 24 hours asking you to verify your details.

Is a reminder sent if I miss the initial registration email?

Three reminder emails are sent by eftsure every three days if the initial invitation is not responded to.

Who do I call if I need assistance with the eftsure process?

You can call eftsure on 1300 985 976. Alternatively, you can call us on 07 3223 6100.