Robert Champney

Robert Champney take a ‘hands-on’ approach to his role as Associate Director in Redchip’s Litigation team, striving to identify the key issues early in any dispute and to deliver pragmatic, commercial advice to protect and advance his client’s position.

Robert recognises the reliance his clients place on him to protect and advance their interests when they are potentially at their most vulnerable. He understands that business owners are comfortable operating their businesses day to day, but often feel in unfamiliar territory when a dispute or litigation arises.


“Rather than simply going through the motions, I jump on the front foot with a pragmatic approach to identifying the real issues and formulating a strategy for the best way forward, taking into account both the legal position and key commercial considerations.”

More often than not, Robert will be solving clients’ immediate problems, and at the same time looking forward to identifying other issues of which they may not yet be aware. He sees his role as both a problem-solver and a risk manager aimed at reducing the chance of the client experiencing a similar dispute in the future.

Robert is driven by the challenge of overcoming problems and identifying solutions, in the context of an ever-changing legal environment that requires him to stay abreast of advances in the law so he can provide the most up-to-date advice to his clients.

Before arriving at law as his chosen profession, Robert was employed as a tree lopper and it seems the great outdoors still has a lot of appeal. When he’s not tackling client problems, Robert is out and about fishing, playing rugby union and enjoying T20 cricket.

Why Robert

Approachable, energetic and practical, Robert puts clients at ease in often stressful scenarios.


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